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Therapeutics targeting angiogenesis: Genetics and epigenetics, extracellular miRNAs and signaling networks

Angiogenesis is a process of neovascular formation from pre-existing blood vessels, which consists of sequential steps for vascular destabilization, angiogenic sprouting, lumen formation and vascular stabilization. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), angiopoietin, Notch, transforming growth factor-β ...

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Circulating miRNAs: cell-cell communication function?

exosome rna

Nuclease resistant extracellular miRNAs have been found in all known biological fluids. The biological function of extracellular miRNAs remains questionable; however, strong evidence suggests that these miRNAs can be more than just byproducts of cellular activity. Some extracellular miRNA species ...

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Exosomes in Cardiac Injury

Exosomes from cardiac injury have the potential to serve as biomarkers. Studying the contents of these exosomes and their physiological role in cardiac injury might reveal possible target and strategies to reduce cardiac injury. Exosomes from CMPCs and MSCs can ...

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